Clinical Physiotherapy

Clinical Physiotherapy is the therapy which is aimed to keep their patients moving, making them capable and strong to move against their disability and impairment through therapy. It is our Endeavour to get success in mission with professional care based on the principles of evidence based practice.

Clinical Physiotherapy to keeping You in Motion

The physiotherapy clinic is the clinic which is managed by the experienced physiotherapists with wide range of knowledge and experience. The physiotherapists at our clinical center are well trained and carry a huge [potential knowledge to assess the injury or disease symptoms. WE have the varied technical capabilites for all age group of people. The persons below the age of 50 will get the worth and much essential information and life saving therapies along with exercises that can be proved anti ageing. Anti ageing is the process which include myriad of activities including some profound techniques to carry in day long activities resulting into the less impact of age over your body. Several of the therapists at our clinic have earned specializations in therapeutic techniques such as manual therapy, movement based analyses and therapies, etc. Along with the continuously updating field of health sciences that does continue evolving, our therapists; also update their knowledge base on regular basis participating in periodic continuing medical education (CME) in the field of medicine and rehabilitation science proving vital to practice of Evidence Based Practice.

There is an extensive assessment and documentation system at clinic, which is unique to clinical care of patients in this geographical region. Furthermore, in order to offer safe and effective quality-care to patients the latest, world-class equipment and machinery are engaged in the clinic.

Some quality equipment that clinic has is as follows:

  • Computerized electro-my graphic feedback exercise
  • Computerized electrotherapy
  • Interferential current therapy (IFT)
  • Trans-coetaneous electrical stimulation (TENS)
  • Neuromuscular electrical strengthening (NEMS)
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES)
  • Urinary incontinence feedback
  • Computerized balance training
  • Deep heat – such as ultrasound and long-wave diathermy
  • LASER therapy

Why choose us?

Physiosolution clinic specializes in assisting patients with a wide variety of neurological, sports, orthopaedic, disorders. The scope of our clinical practice extends from disorders such as strokes (paralysis), cerebral palsy, congenital disorders, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathies, Guillain-Barre syndrome, neck and back pain, multiple sclerosis, ligament and muscle injuries, post fracture and surgical rehabilitation, tendonitis, to less common but more complex problems that arise as a result of arthritis, total hip and knee replacements etc.

In rehabilitation of patients the clinical approach is task oriented approach where the children as well as adults with neurological deficits go through the assessment determining the complete evaluation of severity of impact on body. This approach is effective as it allows for the incorporation of the principles of motor learning. Moreover this approach makes the rehabilitation effort subtle in functionally oriented tasks relevant to patient’s regular activities.

Physiosolution clinic also assist patients with specialize in sport injuries including both acute as well as chronic. We at Physiosolution have successfully treated a number of international, national, state, city level sport persons who takes participation in a wide variety of sports – including field athletics, golf, badminton, swimming, weight lifting, horse riding, tennis, etc.