Corporate Health Talk

Physiosolution has been a long reliable partner for a local industry this makes enables businesses to get the timely and immediate treatment for the employees within predefined parameters. Our service includes worksite assessment, risk analysis and risk management, injury prevention plans and rehab pathways.

Our corporate services are quite beneficial for all businesses in order to keep the healthy working environment. Working fop the long hours in wrong postures may result into sever pain later on which will lead to the less efficiency in work. If the posture is ergonomically right then there will be less fatigue in working for long hours.

Office ergonomics:

  • Common risk injuries happens due to poor ergonomics
  • Working long hours in incorrect posture may result into increased risk of Musculoskeletal disorder such as neck and back strains

Physiosolution offers the user friendly work station with the use of ergonomic furniture and aids. It also includes stretching and strengthening exercises.

Ergonomic workshop:

The ergonomic workshop is aimed to educate employees about the basic of ergonomics. They are made known of ergonomic hazards to which they are exposed due to some little bit of ignorance in daily work. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to save themselves from minor injuries which are caused by the wrong sitting positions and long working hours. The content of the workshop is made in accordance to the needs of your organization. Here the half or full day options are also available for the organizations.

Our ergonomic workshop includes topics including:  

  • Commonly occurring injuries due to poor ergonomics
  • the risk hazard identification in work place
  • Set up of a user friendly work space
  • Development of ergonomics programs
  • Anthropometry and proper posture
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises.

Our sessions also help in further issues which are categorized into multiple categories according the need of particular.


Feet represent the health of persons. They regulate the circulation of blood in the body. The basic problem in pour activities like using wrong shoes will cause the long term pain and in comfort feel in whole body.

The suggestion regarding this includes:

  • Basic foot structure and functions related issues
  • Common problems related to foot.
  • Purchasing good shoe
  • Current trends in footwear selection

Make your communication effective with our workshop:

Voice is the important part of communication and personality. The way of speaking ensures the effectiveness of your speech or says how much you words are going t impact other. the deals are made and broken with impact of voice and lowering how to use proper vocal technique can improve the speech delivery.

In our workshop, you could be able to learn how to make the best use of your voice and manage your voice to sound clear. If you have husky voice, several techniques will be shared with you so that your sound may be clear, resonating and impactful.

Half day and full day options are also available.

Some of topics are:

How to care for voice

  • Discover how you speak
  • sounding polished
  • animating your voice to look sound
  • making your voice alive
  • helping your voice last the day

Maintaining the physical fitness at workplace:

Maintaining the health is the biggest issue, as working for long hours in same position results into the sprains and neck and back pains. A set of exercise may make you relieved from this sprain while to long living with proper health, there are good habits that must be adopted and the working posture must be corrected. Pure ergonomics must be followed. And following some guidelines may make you out of the periphery of unwanted disease and injury.

Our session includes the knowledge about:

  • Common musculoskeletal disorder and its reason
  • Risk factor of repetitive strain injures
  • Prevention and management of RSI

Training session includes:

  • Benefits of exercise- why you should exercise
  • Safely Exercising
  • Exercise demonstration for 5-10 minutes
  • Using theraband in exercise