Home Physiotherapy

Home Physiotherapy or Home-based Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy in which a company provides the treatments related to physiotherapy at home to whom so ever applies for it. This facility is made available for individuals who wish to prefer regular physiotherapy check-ups and treatments at their own house instead of travelling to physiotherapy hospitals for their regular check-ups or for concerned treatments. These services are nowadays common in each physiotherapy clinic and we at Physiosolution promise high standard services related to Home Physiotherapy.

Some conditions in which Home Physiotherapy is Generally Chosen:

  • Heart Failure
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Rehabilitation process of Spondylitis
  • Recovery from hip-replacement surgery
  • Recovery from knee-cap replacement surgery

Why Physiotherapy at home?

Home Physiotherapy evolved due to many reasons some of which are listed below-

In cases when the patient is not in the condition of going to the physiotherapy hospital for the treatment as such in cases like too much injury, hip-replacement or knee-replacement post-surgery exercises, etc.

  • In cases, regular bed rest is required or too much pain.
  • In cases if an individual finds it inconvenient to visit the hospital; for regular check-ups or for a long treatment session.

Our Patients Experiences:

  • Increase in Independence
  • Enhancement in self-management
  • Consistent monitoring has incorporated a fast recovery process
  • Optimal rehabilitation process
  • No regular check-up misses
  • Increased functional ability
  • Perceptible convenience
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Reduction in hospital LOS
  • Prevention of hospitalization

 Role our Physiotherapists play for Home Physiotherapy:

Home Physiotherapy is a field in which active participation of a professional physiotherapist is required. At Physiosolution, we have some utter professional physiotherapists who are trained to provide you the best possible treatment along with a personaindian_couplel assistance. The physiotherapists ensure regular check-ups and expert monitoring so as to maintain optimal functioning of your body parts. We at Physiosolution provide prolonged treatment sessions in cases of rehabilitation exercises post surgeries in order to incorporate a fast recovery process. Physiotherapists at Physiosolution are specially trained to teach you specific exercises related to your condition and this further fetches a sense of self-management.

At Physiosolution we offer following home physiotherapy services:

  • Neuro Home physiotherapy
  • Old Age home physiotherapy
  • Post-surgery Home physiotherapy
  • Post Fracture home physiotherapy
  • Hip Replacement home physiotherapy
  • Knee Replacement Home Physiotherapy
  • Muscle weakness Home physiotherapy
  • Post-joint replacement Home Physiotherapy
  • Immobility Improvement Home Physiotherapy
  • Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Home Physiotherapy via female physiotherapist
  • Conditions treated via home physiotherapists
  • A loss of balance

Why choose us?

At Physiosolution, the home physiotherapy sessions can opt flexibly according to your preference and convenience. Here at Physiosolution we examine your actual requirement and relatively provide you the most appropriate treatment according to your condition. With this appropriate treatment, we appoint the specialist of the condition you report to serve as your physiotherapist. With special assistance, we offer the most advanced treatment and technology in the field of home physiotherapy. We keep in personal touch with each of our patients and pay attention to regular feedbacks.