Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy

A lower back pain is a condition of an acute or long-term pain in the lower portion of the back that may be of a prolonged mild ache or a sharp and severe ache. The condition is inevitably the most common problem that has been reported. The condition is generally caused by improper sitting and resting posture or by a pinched nerve, or an injury that results in muscle strain or joint dysfunction when direct loading of the spine takes place. The lower back pain is usually related to musculoskeletal issues, which are also called non-specific low back pain problems. The lower back pain is often followed by a mild pain in either of the two legs, which is referred to a condition of sciatica. The reported cause of this problem is a pinched nerve, which further causes nerve pain. A long-term lower back pain also causes spinal stenosis.

Conditions related to Lower Back Pain:

  • Herniated or Slipped Disc
  • Back ligament strain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Facet Joint Pain
  • DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Why choose us?

The lower back pain along with being the most common problems is one of the most complicated conditions for which our physiotherapists are trained extensively to detect the actual reason of the pain and the correct and most effective treatment for its cure. Here at Physiosolution our physiotherapists are able to employ certain treatments to relieve the pain as soon as possible. We also teach some specific exercises to relax and release the tension of lower back muscles. We also teach the correct sitting posture and exercises that bring a long-term relief.

Aims of the Physiotherapy:

The aims of the physiotherapy treatments for lower back pain include-

  • Instant relief in lower back pain
  • Gain back the flexibility and the range of movements
  • Reduce the stiffness by releasing the tension between tissues
  • Employ proper sitting posture
  • Gaining a long-term relief

Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy we offer:

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises- Some specially designed exercises are employed in order to gain back the flexibility of motion and relax the muscles. Except this, certain exercises are taught that are aimed towards the strengthening of the lower back muscles. These exercises should be performed in assistance of the physiotherapist and with proper cushioning support.
  • Deep Tissue Massage Treatment- Deep tissue massage treatment is one of the most common treatments employed in which a deep and gentle massage is performed on the area of the pain. This relaxes the muscles and releases the tension between the tissues and in chronic muscles.
  • Ultrasound Treatment- In this method, small sound impulses are injected deep into the strained muscles so as to increase the blood circulation and release the muscle tension. The increased flow of blood further oxygenates the tissues and reduces the pain.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: In this therapy a small electrical device is used, which sends electrical impulses down the skin through the affected muscles. These impulses tend to release the tension generated between the tissues and restore back the flexibility of the muscles.
  • Hot and Cold Therapy: This uses the heat energy to relieve the pain and release the tension. In this technique alternation between hot and cold currents is used in order to relax the strained muscles by application of heat and reduce the pain and swelling by application of ice packs. This technique uses the advantage of an increased blood flow through the affected area.