Medical Tourism India

Every medical tourism process follows the predefined protocol in order to offer rapid and convenient free medical treatment solution. We have listed below the key exchanges and systematic guidelines that are helpful for both you and the surgeon and will help to get you better treated under our Medical Tourism India:

Step 1 – Cost estimation and guidelines

The first and preliminary inquiry is made from patient’s end and we respond accordingly with the relevant information. In the response we tell all inclusive cost estimation for surgery, basic outline for the surgical and recuperation period. You can initiate medical tourism process by contacting us.

You may Contact us by online by filling the online Inquiry form or by email, Skype or we will also assist you over telephonic call. We expect and appreciate you to avail us with the complete medical history and all relevant details in order to offer us a better perspective of your complete requirement.

Step 2 – Medical evaluation by selected surgeon

Prior to start the treatment information is the important for both patient and surgeon. All medical questions are acknowledged by the surgeon for the expert professional input. The complete medical history along with any additional remedy requirements allow surgeon to make initial medical evaluation.

After the initial medical feedback we will be happy to co ordinate with further queries, you have in your mind regarding the details of the surgery and expected results or may be regarding surgeon. Whatever are the questions, we are here to assist you. If needed we can also arrange the telephonic consultation with selected surgeon. It will be best if you could send across photos and supporting medical records, through e-mail or upload the same through our Medical History Form.

We will continue to communicate you before your arrival, as the information is vital for both side patient and surgeon. You can also get in touch with previous clients who desire to share their experiences.

Step 3 – Your arrival in India

We at Physiosolution treat you as our honored guest and treat you with warm hospitality of –”Athiti Devo Bhava “. Depending on your medical condition, we will also receive you at the airport in an appropriate vehicle and safely drop you to your destination (hospital/hotel). In elective surgical procedures, you will also be availed with the range of privately driven air-conditioned vehicles.

Step 4 – Pre-operative consultation with the surgeon

Just after you arrival, the first visit to surgeon is scheduled as early as possible. Then surgeon will help you out with each of your queries. The surgeon shall answer all your questions for your satisfaction, in general terms which are easily understood even if you don’t know anything about medical surgery. After getting known of the anticipated outcome of surgery, you shall therefore concur about expectations of the end result. You can also discuss alternatives, if any, and understand the risks of the procedure. The fee quoted in the initial inquiry is being confirmed after the surgeon goes through the further personal medical evaluation over you. The balance amount payment of deposit is payable directly to the surgeon. The further payment can be done via cash, traveler’s checks, Visa or Master Card.

Step 5 – Pre-Surgery and Surgery

The patient support team will accompany and assist you to the medical facility on the day of surgery. You will be confirmed by the team member about this surgery after the pre surgery consolation with the surgeon and specialist anesthesiologists’. All further questions can be asked at this consultation.

Step 6 – Recuperation

For post operative period, it is customary for patients to recuperate in the same town of surgery the required post-operative period. This requirement of recuperation is dependent on the nature of procedure. Here we also offer a choice of recuperation accommodation packages which include accommodation, certain meals and transfers to the airport along with medical assistance.

Step 7 – Trips

Upon the approval of your surgeon, we will discuss the most appropriate trip option to you. Here all the arrangement will be done bearing the condition of patient in mind and in accordance to the patient’s health.

We value your inputs, suggestion and comments and committed to constantly improve our services and offering. The candid and honest remarks and feedbacks give us critical insights into improving the overall approach for future guests.

Once you are done, keep in touch with us as your healing process is much important and if you feel any query at further point of time, feel free to contact. We will respond you shortly.