Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that specializes in treating people who are suffering from a neurological condition that is caused by damage to the brain, spinal cord or nerves (the central nervous system). These neurological conditions cause various type of problems that include loss of sensation, stiffness in motion, paralysis in an arm or leg, loss of movement of leg or foot, development of pain and spasticity.

Types of Neurological Conditions we treat:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Head Injury
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Other Neurological Conditions

How our Physiotherapists deal with Neurological Condition:

Our physiotherapists are specially trained to analyze the reason of the condition and kick-start the message pathway that becomes dysfunctional and is inaccessible by your brain. The physiotherapy treatment we provide includes the physiotherapists to teach you the correct posture and balance, track down the issue of joint stiffness, correct the altered sensation, relieve the pain, gain back in muscle strength, restore proper co-ordination of movements and correct the muscle imbalance. Our physiotherapists will also teach various specific exercises to prevent the condition again and to fetch a long-term relief from the neurological situation.

Aims of Our Neuro Physiotherapy:

Our physiotherapy treatment is directed and aimed to-

  • Kick-start a blocked message path
  • Resolve the condition of paralysis
  • Provide instant relief in pain
  • Restore back the flexibility by reducing the stiffness
  • Correct altered sensation and muscle imbalance
  • Provide long-term relief
  • Employ correct postures

What the treatment includes:

  1. Exercise Therapy: This includes various specific exercises that help in gaining back the flexibility of movements, exercises that help in restoring muscle strength, exercises for releasing muscle tension, exercises to learn proper posture.
  2. Hands-on Physiotherapy Treatment: In this treatment there are various specially-designed methods to facilitate the joint movement, employ soft tissue stretching and learn balanced movement patterns.
  3. Massage Therapy: This includes various massage techniques like deep tissue massage, light muscle-tension releasing massage, pain relieving massage, etc. which could provide instant relief.
  4. Hydro Therapy: This is a special type of therapy in which water is used to treat the neurological condition. This water is basically used as a support while performing various exercises and it is also used in pain relieving treatment.
  5. Sensory Retraining: This therapy involves special methods that help in regaining back the sensation. This training also involves methods to make the basic sensory responses more responsive.

Why choose us?

We here at, Physiosolution provide personal care to each patient and have some of the most skillfully trained Physiotherapists who are specialized in treating all types of neurological conditions. With this, we provide almost all types of treatments for neurological conditions so as to click the actual reason of the problem and provide instant relief. Here we lay emphasis on long-term relief from the problem and employing correct body postures. Our physiotherapists teach you various exercises which help in fast recovery or its prevention.