Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric Physiotherapy also called as Pediatric physical therapy, is a type of health care which focuses on treating disabilities and injuries that are experienced by children. Especially, this sort of physiotherapy is aimed for children and it deals with teaching children how to physically maneuver through environments. The children, who have injuries and disabilities due to some reason, are given the physiotherapy which includes increase in mobility strength and range of motion by activities involving climbing, navigation of obstacles and exploring.

Like other types of physiotherapy, the pediatric physiotherapy also deals with physical inabilities and deficiencies in movement. It is generally used as a part of the treatment plan for children who are suffering from diseases or conditions which restrict movements or prevent treatment. Pediatric physical therapy is also useful at times when a child suffers from a surgical procedure or an injury which results into the temporarily impeded movements. Its motive is to help child gain age-appropriate developmental skills.

The physical therapy generally includes the study of all branches of physiotherapy, while the pediatric physiotherapy is performed by a pediatric physical therapist. The physical therapists give treatments to the children who are under the age of 18 years. The therapy begins with the assessment and evaluation. With the help of evaluation and assessment, it is determined which area is lacking in performance or in other words which area has hindered performance. According to the assessment, therapist create custom program of activities which addresses the problem areas.

Pediatric Physiotherapy involves gross motor skill exercise, stretching and muscle strengthening. Here the therapists uses the forms of play in order to keep children motivated where he or she may also use games and toys depending on the area of interest. The therapist’s focuses on child and maximizing the efforts to assist the child learn to overcome the difficulties. The common area of focus includes climbing and riding, navigating obstacles, coordination and balance.

Deficiencies in coordination and balance control are the most important reason that keeps children from falling easily. Some children gets difficulty in determining the relation of the body to the amount of the support body provides, that result in balance deficiency. While some other children cannot control movement in coordination. In order to help in these sorts of areas, pediatric physiotherapy makes use of large exercise balls in activities.

There are many young children who get difficulty with climbing and riding on toys. They don’t get able to ride on toy because of the inability to figure out how to get on the toy and they may also not be able to figure out how to move once they have gotten on the toy. The motor coordination, range of motion, or strength is some deficient areas which causes this problem and can be addressed with pediatric physiotherapy.

It is must for children to be able to navigate through different obstacles throughout the day. Lack of Coordination of all body part to accomplish the tasks is the reason for most of the children’s inabilities. It is important for children to be able to navigate different obstacles while moving around throughout the day. Pediatric physiotherapy teaches children to achieve stability and strength that is necessary to transfer weight and coordination needed to move around obstacles.

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